Faculty of Biology

Academic Council

The faculty academic council considers the questions connected with prepa-ration of experts at faculty, improvement of research works, discusses problems for a raising of their level to modern requirements.
Selects dean of faculty and holds competition on replacement of posts pro-fessor-teacher structure on the established order;
Discusses curricula and projects of programs, discusses educational-methodical and scientifically-investigation reports of chairs;
Prosecute elections of senior lecturers, the senior teachers and teachers, peti-tions before the Big Academic Council of university for assignment of academic statuses.

Members of the Academic council

Prof. Kuliev Akif – dean, chairman
Associate professor Omarov Yashar– assistant to the dean, assistant to the chairman
Associate professor Aliyeva Nazima – scientific secretary
Associate professor Abdiyev Vilayet – assistant to the dean, member
Associate professor Djabbarov Musa – assistant to the dean, member
Academician Mamedov Garib – chief of department, member
Prof.Mustafayev Qara - chief of department, member
Prof.Qasimov Neymat – chief of department, member
Prof.Agamaliyev Farzali – chief of department, member
Prof. Kuliev Rauf – chief of department, member
Prof.Aliyev Ali – chief of department, member
Prof.Abushov Rahib – chief of department, member
Prof.Gurbanov Elshad – chief of department, member
Associate professor Abdullayev Khanlar – chief of department, member
Prof.Axundova Ellada, member
Prof.Babayev Medjnun, member
Prof.Ganbarov Xudaverdi, member
Prof.Guliyeva Hokuma , member
Prof.Khalilov Rovshan, member

Prof. Ibragimov Agaveli, member
Associate professor Magerramov Shahriyar, member
Associate professor Nasibov Aydin, member
Associate professor Efendiyev Punhan, member
Associate professor Shabanov Jasarat, member
Cand.bio.sc., Mahmudov Zaman – chief of professor-teacher’s trade union, member
Guseynov Elmir - representative of student’s trade union, member
Gojayev Anar Sahib - chief of faculty scientific society, member

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