Faculty of Biology

International Relations

The Faculty is engaged in Erasmus+ programme that encourages student mobility. We have also a Memorandum of Understanding between our Faculty and the Faculty of Science of Charles University in Prague, the Faculty of Agro-Sciences of the Mendel University in Brno and the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague, Moscow State University and Belarusian State University. The faculty has collaboration with University of Westminsterin London, Berlin Technical University, The University of A Coruña, University of Pavia.

International Projects:
09/2002-09/2004: MP_JEP-23070-2002 «Establishment of  National Centers of Excellence in Biomedical and Veterinary Education in the Southern Caucasus» 

09/2005-09/2007: JEP-25083-2004 «Master Sciences et Gestion de l’Environment»

09/2012-2015: Erasmus Mundus.

09/2012-2015:09/2012-2015: Erasmus Mundus.09/2012-2015: Erasmus Mundus.

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