Faculty of Biology


Laboratory of biostimulators

Managing laboratory: prof. Aliev A.G.

Structure of scientific employees:

Musayev A.M. – Cand.Biol.Sci.,senior scientific employee
Ibragimova S.S. - Cand.Biol.Sci., senior scientific employee
Mirieva S.V. – younger scientific employee
Isaeva E.V. - Cand.Biol.Sci., senior scientific employee
Rizvanova H.L. - Cand.Biol.Sci., senior laboratorian

Scientific direction

In extreme conditions a role of ecological rhythms in neyroendocrinology regulation of physical and chemical processes

Received results

It has been established that in extreme conditions at the animals subject to an irradiation at functional infringements (Epifizectonomy) a live organism can regulate a homeostasis at fabric level


Musayev A.M., Aliyev A.G., Musayev M. A, Jolchuliev Y.Y. Way of increase of fruitfulness of the birds who have been grown up in closed conditions. 12.02.2007. ¹ 20070031


Laboratory of biotechnology

Managing laboratory: senior lecturer Abdullayev Kh.D.

structure of science officers:
Alizade G. I – Cand.Biol.Sci., senior scientific employee
Aliyev I.I.. – Cand.Biol.Sci., senior scientific employee
Aliyeva F.K. - Cand.Biol.Sci.,senior scientific employee
Magerramova H.H. – Cand.Biol.Sci., senior scientific employee
Nadzhafli F.H. – Cand.Biol.Sci., scientific employee
Gumbatova S.T. – Cand.Biol.Sci.
Sudeifzade A.R. - younger scientific employee

Scientific direction

Sample and cultivatiob the green microseaweed taken from coastal zones of Caspian sea for biotechnological researches

Received scientific results

It has been established that cells of Dunaiella (sea halofit) grown up in intensive conditions are a little exacting to light and differ high fruitfulness at chemostatic a mode.


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