Faculty of Biology

Professor, Doctor of Biological Science, Guliyev Akif Alekper

Prof. Dr., Head of the Department.

Tel.: (+99412) 537 24 43; 539 08 81 
E-mail: biochem@mail.az




Date of birth is 20 March 1942, Place of birth is Ganja. 1949-1959 years studied in secondary school №4 of Ganja. In 1959 entered in Biological faculty of Baku State University and in 1964 graduated the faculty. From 1964-1968 he was PhD student of BSU. He carried out his PhD thesis in Prague University of Czech Republic.
In 1964-1972 years work at Plant phisology department of Biological faculty as junior member of teaching (1968), senior lecturer (1969), associate Professor (1972). From 1968 to 1973 he was assistant of dean of Biological faculty. From establishing of the Biochemistry and Biotechnology Department, i.е. from 1972 year leaded this department. In 1988 was selected Dean of the Biology faculty. In 1989 defended of Doctoral thesis. From 1990 is professor of BSU. In the same year was appointed 1 prorector of BSU, from March to October 1992 to fulfilled the duties of Rector of BSU.
Married. Has 2 childs.


In 1964 graduated Biological faculty of BSU.
In 1968 defended PhD thesis on theme “Phisiological and Biochemical characteristics of winter varietes apples subject to gather terms and storing temperatures”.
In 1989 defended of Doctoral thesis on theme “Phisiological and Biochemical aspects of stimulating of ripening by ethilene producers”.


Biochemistry and biotechnology department of BSU.
From 1964 work in Biochemistry and biotechnology department.
Courses – Biochemistry, Static Biochemistry, Enzymology.
Have over 100 articles, 3 author's certificate, 4 textbook and 1 monograph.
supervised 10 PhD students and 1 Doctor of biologucal science.
In 2006 was awarded title «Lecturer of the year».
In 2011 was awarded title «Dean of the year».


  • Made a presentation at the Third International Symposium "Modern achievement in food analysis", held in 2007 in Prague, Czech Republic.
  • In 2007, the TEMPUS Programme was sent to France in connection with learning, improving teaching and sharing of experiences of teachers in the preparation of master's degrees in ecology and environmental protection.
  • In 2009, in the framework of scientific cooperation was sent to the University of Chemical Technology in Prague, Czech Republic.


Study of biochemistry and phisology fruits ripening.


  • Gyulakhmedov S.G., Batdorj B., Dalgalarrondo M., Chobert J.M., Kuliyev A., Haertle T. Characterisation of bacteriocin-like inhibitory substances (BLIS) from lactic acid bacteria isolated from traditional Azerbaijani cheeses. Eur. Food. Res. Technol. 2006. vol. 224. pp.229-235.
  • Gyulakhmedov S.G., Omarov Y.A., Mamedov Z.M., Kuliev A.A.. Isolation and Study of Active ATP-dependent Phosphofructokinase from Apple Fruits Malus domestica Borkh. Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology, 2006, Vol. 42, No. 5, pp. 468–471.
  • Omarov Y.A. Gulakhmedov S.G., Guliyev A.A. The determination of the activity of ATP-dependent phosphofructokinase in apple fruits. Transcaucasian Journal of Biomedical sciences. 2006, Tbilisi, Georgia. p.1-12.
  • Gyulakhmedov S.G., Dalgalarrondo M., Chobert J.M., Guliyev A., N.Abdullayeva, Huseynova N.F., Haertle T. L.B.Buchneri S2-AS a BLIS-producing strain isolated from traditional Azerbaijani cheeses. 3-rd International Symposium on Recent Advances in Food Analysis. 2007. Prague. Czech Republic. P.329.
  • Gyulakhmedov S.G., Abdullayeva N.F., Guseynova N.F., Kuliev A.A., Ivanova I.V., Dalgalarrondo M., Chobert J.M., Haertle T. Isolation and characterization of bacteriocin-like inhibitory substances from lactic acid bacteria isolated from Azerbaijani cheeses J.Applied Biochemistyr and Microbiology, 2008. V.6., p. 275-283.


"Workshop on Biochemistry and Molecular Biology", Baku, 1993 (training manual)
"Physiological and biochemical aspects of promotion of fruit ripening by ethylene producers", Baku, 1999 (monograph).
"Biological Chemistry" (static), Baku, 2004 (textbook)
"Workshop on Biochemistry and Immunology", Baku, 2005 ( training manual )
"Fundamentals of Enzymology," Baku, 2010 (textbook)


09/2002-09/2004: Participate in the project (MP_JEP-23070-2002 «Establishment Of National Centers Of Excellence In Biomedical and Veterinary Education In The Southern Caucasus») the frame of the European Commission Tempus programme as Coordinator.

09/2005-09/2007: Participate in the project (JEP-25083-2004 «Master Sciences et Gestion de l’Environment») the frame of the European Commission Tempus programme as Coordinator.

09/2007-2010: Participate in the project (SfP- 982164 – «Study of antimicrobial and hypoallergenic products of LAB») in the frame of the NATO programme Science for Peace as Codirector.


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