Faculty of Biology

The next seminar of the Student Society was passed


17.11.2011 was passed the next seminar of the Student Society. At a seminar made a presentation on the theme "Blood and our life" associate professor of Plant Physiology department Tahirli Sevda. She gave detail information about the history of the study of blood, blood groups, also about the evolution of blood groups and the history of their formation. Thus, the first humans appeared I blood group. Then there were other groups. The next part of the lecture was devoted to the specific characteristics of the blood groups, as well as physiological characteristics of carriers of different blood groups. It was told of the influence of blood groups in the nature of human nutrition. It was found that absorption of food, the efficiency of its use by the body is directly related to blood group. For the immune and digestive systems, one needs to use products that match the blood type. The consumption of "foreign" foods lead to slagging orqanism and rapid growth fatty deposits. At the end of the report Tahirli S. responded to questions from participants.
At the seminar took part Dean of the Faculty of Biology, vice-deans, teachers of faculty, undergraduates and students.

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