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The recent meeting of Academic Council of BSU has been held on 10th of April. There have participated Members of Presidium of the ANSA, members of Academic Council of BSU, well-known scientists and media representatives. Rector of the University, academic Abel Maharramov during the ceremony emphasize the importance of development of science and education in Azerbaijan, preparation of highly qualified academic staff, enhancement of scientific and technological achievements. The rector also noted that leader of republic Ilham  Aliyev who pays close attention to development of science and education, and considers the development of science as one of the major factor for further development of country, stated that BSU accelerated the process of joining Azerbaijan to development countries. At meeting vice-rector on scientific affairs prof.I.A.Aliyev’s has delivered report on carried on work in the last year.
It was declared that during last year 1160 works on 123 actual topics of 81 specializations carried out at 125 departments of 16 faculties of BSU, in 2 academic-research institutes, 4 academic-research centers and 19 scientific-research laboratories. As well as 119 works on 21 topics in natural science and 34 in humanities, and at scientific research institutes on applied-mathematic and physic problems, 4 scientific-research centers and in 19 scientific –research laboratories 21 subjects according nature scientifics, 117 scientific-investigation works, fulfiled151 works according 31 subjects jointly 34 scientific –investigation works.
Last year university professors and associate professors published 71 monographies, 48 books, 71 text-books , 133 training aids, 1597 articles  (2150 articles within republic, 447 articles abroad), 1197 thesis (698 thesis within republic, 499 thesis abroad), 61 methodic guides and 559 curricula.
350 from 447 articles published abroad are from are in natural science, 97 are on humanities, 58 of articles (that is 13% of articles published abroad) were published in A, B, and C cathegory journals. 8 articles in A cathegory journals, 5 articles in B cathegory journals , 45 articles in C cathegory journals. The articles on mathematic and physics published in A and B cathegory journals, the articles about biology, physic, mathematic, chemistry and applied-mathematics were published in C cathegory journals. At the same time associates of BSU was awarded 14 invention positive reference and gained 12 patent.
Last year professor associates of University participated at International conferences and symposiums which took part in 28 states.
Professor I.Aliyev noted that in 2008, 30 scientific-conferences held at BSU, the students of university participated in Olympiads in Republic, and were awarded different prizes. At the same time at the Permanent Council of the University 9 persons defended doctoral thesis and 80 persons PhD (kandidatskaya) thesis. In Granted Degree Council 6 people defended doctoral thesis, 17 people PhD (kandidatskaya) thesis. Last year 5 persons were awarded professor title, (4 in nature faculties, 1 person member of STR), 24 persons – associate professor (13 persons nature faculties, 11 persons in humanities)

In  2008  12100  books  have  been  registered  to  BSU  library. 3784  of  them  are  scientific , and  6973  are  educational  books.
Some other  academic  works, textbooks, syllabuses and “Baki  Universiteti” newspaper have  been  published  at Baku  State  University  press.
The  most  important  event  of  last  year  was  the  opening  of  new  building  of  BSU. At  the  opening  ceremony  president  Ilham Aliyev, first  lady Mehriban Aliyeva, minister of education  Misir  Merdanov  and  other  officials  attended. Professor  I.Aliyev  informed  the  audience  about  BSU  Information  and  Technology  Center. According  to  him  the  Center is  equipped  with  modern  computers and  equipments. The  audience  was  informed  that  there is  Online  Education  Center  at  BSU  launched  by support of EU, BSU, AzRENA, IMC (Germany)  during 2005-2007. Also Azerbaijan-South Korea Information Access Center  was  opened  at BSU last  year  which  financed  by Korean Agency for Digital Opportunities.
In  2007  according  to  president I.Aliyev’s  decree “Young  Talents”  high  school  was  opened  by  the  initiative  of  BSU  rector  Abel  Maharramov.
26  international  projects  were  also fulfilled  at  BSU last  year.
In  2008  the  laboratories  at  BSU  became  more  useful  and  better  and  2 new  equipments were  bought.

1. Spectrofluormetr  “Cary  Eclipse”. It makes  it  easy  analizing  biological,  chemical and physical  objects. Made  by  US  “ Varian”  company, costs 42000 US $
2. Optical  Emission Spectrometr, Optima 2100 DV for  defining  liquids.made  by  US  “ Perkin Elmer “ company,  costs 150000 US $

Having highly appreciated  last year activities of BSU, academics  Bekir  Nebiyev, Vasim Mamedaliyev, member  of  ANAS  Tofig Hajiyev and  doctor  of  philology  Abuzer  Helefov, noted that the development of relationship between BSU and ANAS is an important step in the sphere of education.

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