Faculty of Biology

Passed regular training sessions for students in the field of bacteriology and molecular biology


According to the memorandum signed between the Baku State University and the department to reduce the threat at the U.S. Embassy in Azerbaijan was organized regular training for the five biology students from BSU.
Training continued for three months and was devoted to bacteriology and molecular biology. In addition to lectures, was conducted workshops in the laboratories of anti-plague station. The main focus was the subcultured of cultures, the biochemical methods of classification of microorganisms, preparation of culture media, etc. Also, students have studied in detail laboratory methods such as ELISA (ELISA) and PCR (PCR). 
These training sessions allow students to get acquainted with the methods used in the practice of many diagnostic and experimental facilities and to gain experience in the laboratory. 
Director of department to reduce the threat presented the faculty valuable books on microbiology, biochemistry and molecular biology. This kind of training will be scheduled in the future.

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