Faculty of Biology

Main lab assistant of the department of Botany Sabina Huseynova went to Czech Republic


Main lab assistant of the department of Botany, Faculty of Biology Sabina Huseynova went to Czech Republic in august. During the one week she performed molecular-genetic analyzes of samples collected from the different regions of Azerbaijan, which is the experimental part of her PhD work. The analyses were done in the laboratories of department of Zoology at Charles University in Prague and the National Museum of Prague. Sabina Huseynova isolated DNA of samples collected in Azerbaijan, amplified by the PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), defined the nucleotide sequence of mitochondrial genome of these samples and at the end based on the data from sequencing found out the phylogeographical relationships with the special software. This scientific research was supported by the Visegrad Found in Slovakia, where Sabina Huseynova won the scholarship for these researches. These researches is continued till present days and she is planning go to Czech Republic again in 2016 to continue molecular-genetic analyzes of the new samples.

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