Faculty of Biology

Strengthening Education in Space-based REMOte sensing for monitoring of eco systems in Israel, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan


SESREMO is a project within the framework of the TEMPUS programme*.
Budget size: €1.114.000
The main aim of the project is to ensure that the targeted universities can offer two cycle programmes in space based remote sensing techniques to improve teaching in line with the new development in the area, the market demand and according to the Bologna process, last recommendations in Bucharest communiqué and best practice in order to bring the universities closer to the changing labour market and European education area.

The specific objectives are:

- to update the current curricula in the target area according to the Bologna requirements and new developments in the target area,

- to develop, implement and accredit new practice oriented and student-focus core and transferable curricula and modules,

- to bring the Higher Education Institutions of partner countries closer to the labour market.

According to the specific project objectives following curricula will be developed by EU universities and delivered to the target universities:

1. Development of 8 new core curricula:

  • Space tools for remote sensing incl. applied microelectronic,
  • Sensoric instruments/technology for Earth Observation,
  • Environmental Drought & Flood Monitoring & RS applications,
  • Principles & Applications of GIS and Remote Sensing,
  • Environmental quality monitoring and assessment,
  • Coastal processes and environmental management,
  • Preventive methods for coastal environmental protection,
  • Environmental Mathematic Modeling for wave dynamics.

2. Four transferable curricula:

  • Soft skills for engineers,
  • Satellite Communications,
  • Basics of technical creativity in engineering and TRIZ distance learning platform,
  • Applications of GEONETCast for water and environment protection.
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