Faculty of Biology

The regular meeting of SSS was passed


10.20.2011 passed the regular meeting of SSS Faculty of Biology. At a seminar on the theme "Siamese twins" made student IV year Mustafazadeh Sona. She gave detailed information about types of siamese twins, research history, the relationship between them in different countries and societies, and the reasons for the appearance of Siamese twins. Were explained to the hypothesis and theory to explain this phenomenon.
The most interesting thing that causes the birth of siamese twins and their mechanisms of still not fully identified. Thus, as a result of studies have found that such deviations do not depend on the genetic or the environmental violations. Among other things, the speaker talked about the operations of the separation of Siamese twins, on the successful outcome of such operations, and the types of twins that can not be separated.
At the seminar in addition to students and undergraduates attended the chair of microbiology department Khudaverdi Ganbarov and associate professor of Biochemistry and Biotechnology department Gyulahmedov Sahib.


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