Faculty of Biology

The regular meeting of SSS was passed


27.10.2011 was passed the regular meeting of the Student Scientific Society of the Faculty of Biology. At a seminar on the theme "Hybrid power gene" made student IV year Ibrahimova Elvira. 
She described the phenomenon of heterosis in hybrids of a lion and a tiger. One of those rare hybrids of male lion and female tiger was  found in the zoo of Novosibirsk. In this hybrid, the so-called ligre, there is a strong effect of heterosis.
The strength of these hybrid genes is so large that the growth of these animals is more than the growth of a lion and a tiger, and in some cases exceed the combined growth of these animals.  With regard to fertility, it is usually the males are sterile, but females are able to produce offspring with the lions. Because the size of tigers compared to ligra is small, the naturally females can not mate with tigers. At the present time in the world live such ligries. They show a variety of attractions and circuses. In general, due to the fact that in recent time ligra not born, their biology and etiology are not well investigated. In this regard, many questions about these hybrids remain open.

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