Faculty of Biology

The regular meeting of SSS was passed


10.11.2011- Was passed the seminar of SSS of the faculty of biology. At the seminar a bachelor's degree, a student of the fourth course of Elvira Ibragimova gave detailed information about the disease schizophrenia. She gave information about the history of the study of mental disorders, classification of mental diseases, their diagnosis, treatment, and about the problems standing in front of the researchers. Accurate diagnosis of mental illness is very hard to put down, even with the help of modern equipment.
No device was created to establish a mental disorder, to differentiation of a healthy person of the patient. The main problem lies in the fact, that the transition from the healthy to the psychic is very small. in normal people, these symptoms do not always appear.  But the symptoms of mental disorders in patients with manifest themselves appears in any conditions. To determine accurately the disease need to for a long time, in different life situations to conduct a survey of the individual. In many cases, the results are not accurate, as the impact of external interference in the natural processes, the lack of a permanent and long-term research, the possibility of the influence of other factors can have a negative impact on the diagnosis of the disease.
At the seminar took part the vice-deans of biological faculty, professors and teachers, staff, and guests from abroad, undergraduates and students. At the end of the speaker replied to many questions of the participants. At the same time, the selected topic has led to an interesting discussion among the participants.


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